Use your laces to maximise your comfort.

When we are kids, we learn to tie our laces. Our parents are happy because thay don't have to do it every 5 minutes for us.

When we get walking shoe, lacing becomes even more important. Firstly to increase efficiency, which create more fun, and secondly, to reduce the risk of injury, by working against our gear instead of with it.

First and foremost - LACES ARE NOT FOR CREATING FIXATION OF YOUR FOOT IN YOUR BOOT, they are for maintaining it. If your shoe or boot feels too loose, use extra insoles to fill up the dead space.

Tip 1.

DO NOT JANK ON THE ENDS OF YOUR LACES. Lace you shoes from the very front, feeding the lace through as you go ( a video will be coming soon ) all the way to the top of the foot. With a shoe ( ie. no cuff ), tie the laces off and go walking.

Tip 2.

With a boot ( ie. with a cuff ) put a flat knot ( yes, the video is on the way ), where you would tie a shoe. The creates a sepparation between the 2 parts of the boot, together with their separate functions - along the foot is fit, the cuff is support.

As an extension of the flat knot, instead over going standard from under to above on the hooks, go from above to below. You'll see that the first part of the lace is now being held by the second. This allows us to adjust the tension of the laces over every hook. For walking over flat areas, go gradually looser per set of hooks up the cuff. This allows normal flex of the ankle during the roll off stage of the step and prevents some common problems.

For steeper or rockier areas, maintain even pressure along the cuff to create support and prevent twisted ankles.

Tip 3.

If you notice heel-lift whilst ascending or toe-jam whilst decending, a slightly more complicated trick is fixation of the heel. From the flat knot, skip the first hookand go straight to the second hook, then go back to the first hook, and then lace normally back to the top. What you'll now see is the laces now going 3 times over the fold of the ankle instead of once. This pressure runs diagonally back to the heel, fixating it down when ascending and in the back of the boot when descending. ( Yes..... the video is coming ASAP! )

NEVER USE THIS TRICK OVER FLAT AREAS - you will destroy your ankles and run a big risk of Prickly Heat or even an archilles tendon inflamation.


There are lots more tricks out there. `Try them. These are just a few to get you started with playing with the laces.