Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


Planning outdoor trips is a boring endeavour for some, half of the fun for others. Why? And why is it so important?

Quite simply, if you know what you want to achieve, you've got a much bigger chance of achieving it. And by making the important decisions beforehand, emotion and peer pressure is less likely to cloud your judgement when it comes to making decisions on the go.

Outdoor trips are exactly the same. Except that they generally need a bit more conscious thought to complete the planning. 

Goal Setting

Every outdoor trip has 2 primary goals, and as many secondary goals as you wish to create. The primary goals are;

1; Come home alive

2; Come home wanting and being able to go again

The secondary goals can be as varied as bagging a summit, crossing a straight, keeping your skill level up, or just having fun with a few friends. But unless they are defined beforehand, there's not going to be a chance to achieve them.

So what's involved?

The basic decisions. What do you want to do, where, with who, what time of year, how much time do you need?.

Filling in the gaps. What gear do we need? What skills? Does everyone have the required skills? Are there special requirements or restrictions for the area you want to go to, special permits required. Where can we get the information? ( ! ). A big tip is to document all of this - outfitters and guides need to do this for if things go wrong, but doing it properly will decrease the risk of it going wrong when it comes to crunch time.

Check out the forms section for a variety of forms you need to fill in. From medical, to trip plans, equipment lists, as well as equipment maintenance. And keep it up to date. Let those going with you participate in the process - it will mean less arguments during the trip itself.