Keep your head when others are losing theirs. 50% of heat loss is through your head - Use It!

Quite often I see people sweating and red faced one minute and freezing cold the next. For example with skiing. So how do you make dressing for the change in activity easier. Easy - Use your head.

 One of the things I most hate when reading about clothing systems is when people write

"Adjust your insulation in the morning so that you don't feel cold. After 15 minutes walking you'll have warmed up so you can stop and re-adjust your clothing." So after 15 minutes you're supposed to take off the jacket and a fleece, get cold, put your jacket back on and then warm yourself up again?

A much easier solution is to dress with the amount of insulation you'll need once you've warmed up an put a warm hat on - because 50% of your heat loss is through your head.

If I'm walking I'll generally have at least 2 warm hats with me, of different weights for insulation. Add to this the hood on my jacket and I only have to dress once for the whole day ( unless there are massive weather changes ). If I'm felling cold, I'll just take a hat out of my pocket and put it on my head. If the wind kicks up, use the hoof of my jacket. Too warm, just take the hat off and maybe put the light one on. I don't have to stop and change the basis.

When I'm kayaking I'll do exactly the same thing, except I'll have a few hats in the boat for dry use after I get off the water.

There are 3 numbers to remember in this game - 25, 29 and 50.

25 x - Water transfers the warmth away from your body 25 times faster than air. Therefore your base layer needs to keep you dry.

29ºC - The skin temperature above which you start sweating to cool down. Hence the reason to not insulate on your skin when excercising. If you compare your body to a house, it's better to turn on the radiators instead of an open-fire. A better dispersion of the heat and a more constant warmth.

50% - 50% of heat loss is through your head. As I said at the start - USE IT!